Friday, March 11, 2011

Le Affair O' Keefe: Good stuff from around the web about NPR's cowardice:

They Brought a Tote Bag to a Knife Fight: The Resignation of NPR’s CEO, Vivian Schiller. by Jay Rosen, at Jay Rosen’s Press Think:

“To give in to that panic is to cooperate in your own demise. Which is exactly what the NPR board did by demanding that Schiller–a visionary leader who knew where NPR had to go in the digital age–resign immediately, and without a fight. This was a stupid and cowardly act, . . .”

NPR Flubs Response to Schiller Controversy: Another “scandal,” another rash reaction by Joel Meares at the Columbia Journalism Review

“It’s to NPR’s discredit that they took O’Keefe’s bait. Even the least cynical of scandal-watchers would struggle to believe that the NPR board is surprised by the sentiments Ron Schiller expressed. It’s not as if he came out in favor of infanticide, or expressed a lifelong admiration of Pol Pot. He offered the same lazy liberal nostrums common at Washington cocktail parties and presumably very familiar to NPR staffers at all levels.”