Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Juan & Steve's teachable moment.

This AM on NPR's Morning Edition. Steve Inskeep cackles with FOX News' Juan Williams about "The Affair de Gates" as a "teachable moment".

Teachable moment?

Juan Williams, a ten year employee of FOX: "We Distort You Decide" the epicenter for "Birther" smears, yeah that Juan, complains that Obama ignores the facts. Then he claims that Obama injected himself in the Gates issue which is demonstratively false. Obama was asked by a reporter at a press conference a question, does Juan know the meaning of inject?

Juan complaining about getting facts wrong? Since when has Juan ever concerned himself with the facts? Here's a just a small sample of Mr. Williams demonstrating his concern for facts:

Juan for months has engaged in slandering President Obama and his wife. Juan Williams says Michelle Obama "sometimes uses" a "kind of militant anger".

Juan defended Bill O'Reilly racist comment it's unusual for blacks in a Harlem to restaurant can behave civilly .

He works for FOX, no black anchors and just in the past week two anchors caught trafficking in racist statements and has a long history in race baiting.

Don't just take Grumpy's word for it, the Ombudsman for cpb agrees, he's said Juan Williams behavior at FOX is an "the embarrassment" .

Yes the "FOX News Happy Negro thinks this was a teachable moment. It was, but not the way Inskeep and NPR thinks.

If Juan Williams is the teacher, I would recommend cutting class.

The Grumpys Are Back From Vacation

What did I miss?

Anyone get arrested for burglarizing their own home?
(Yeah, stole it from Stephen Colbert.)

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Friday, July 10, 2009



My wife, Mrs. Civil Demo, and I will be taking time off, to spend a week visiting her relatives in South Carolina. Good bye 103 degree temperatures and six consecutive Orange Air Quality days. I plan on returning refreshed and in the same foul mood the has made me a favorite among my fan.

Here's your homework. Check out this article in the most recent Economist, The Red and The Blue, we in Texas may not be as Red as you think.

NPR & Liasson: The Death of Irony

Pardon me, Ms. Liasson: Have you looked in a mirror lately?

Oh God Kill me now, Maria "The FOX" Liasson’s report on political language today on NPR's Morning Edition don't know weather to laugh or cry, so I think I'll rant.

NPR, now a temple of FOX Orwellian newspeak, pot calls the Washington kettle black.

This is hilarious, Mara Liasson, a full time FOX News employee for more than ten years, is reporting and complaining about the misuse of words by politicians? Every Sunday Mara sits down with her buddies at FOX who have called Obama "Baby Killer", "Marxist", "Fascist", "Communist" and worse.

Also, there's that silly little fact the Ms. Liasson and NPR won't call water boarding torture, it a “harsh interrogation technique”. Despite, the U.N.’s High Commissioner for Human Rights says that water boarding is torture. The International Committee of the Red Cross have called what the U.S. did “torture.” Water boarding is unambiguously in violation of the International Convention on Torture, which has been ratified by 140-some countries. Yet NPR’s official editorial policy is that NPR doesn’t know the definition of the word torture.

Ms. Lasson and NPR's uncial embracing of GOP/FOX talking points for the past six years has done much more damage to political discourse in this country than any politician has done. Politicians obfuscated for cemeteries, that’s nothing new there, but what’s NPR's excuse for "aggressively interrogating" our language when it reports the news?

NPR, just like FOX de void of any self-awareness or sense of irony.

[Even more snarky aside, Mr. Liasson's bio at reports she joined FOX in 1997, it also lists her numerous awards and accolades. Guess when the last time she won an award for her reporting? 1997. I wonder if there's a correlation between working for FOX and lack of professional recognition?]

Friday, July 3, 2009



I don't know which is worse, her bad Aretha Franklin impression (or maybe it's Joe Cocker?) or that she's this doing to the Star Spangled Banner. Submitted for your Fourth Of July amusement, formerly from Richardson, Texas, headquarters of Grumpy Industries International, I give you Jessica Simpson's assault on our national anthem:

and yes, that dress does make your butt look big, girl.