Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Congrats to NPR for making the list twice.

The year in media errors and corrections features Osama/Obama, Giffords | Poynter.

Politifact Is the Liar of the Year

If you'e looking an example of how much American journalism sucks, you can't do better than this, . .

Political Animal - PolitiFact ought to be ashamed of itself

"This is simply indefensible. Claims that are factually true shouldn’t be eligible for a Lie of the Year designation.

It’s unnerving that we have to explain this again, but since PolitiFact appears to be struggling with the relevant details, let’s set the record straight again.

Medicare is a single-payer health care system offering guaranteed benefits to seniors. The House Republican budget plan intended to privatize the existing system and replace it with something very different — a voucher scheme. It would still be called “Medicare,” but it wouldn’t be Medicare.

It seems foolish to have to parse the meaning of the word “end,” but if there’s a program, and it’s replaced with a different program, proponents brought an end to the original program. That’s what the verb means."

Monday, December 19, 2011

Not a bad article on the problems of "fact-checking"

"The problem is that fact-checking – like everything – is sometimes a lazy, half-assed business. If fact-checking is as important as it claims, its practitioners need to acknowledge its problems and fix them."

How to Fix Fact-Checking - Forbes

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I wonder if I can get one that says, . . .


"I Listened to NPR before it gave up on journalism"

"I Listened to NPR before it called torture harsh interrogation"

"I Listened to NPR before it reporters' salaries placed them in the 1%"

"I Listened to NPR before it stopped reporting on human rights violations"

"I Listened to NPR before it just recited GOP talking points"

"I Listened to NPR before it black listed Elizabeth Warren"

"I Listend to NPR before it called dead civillians suspected terrorists"

"I Listened to NPR before Mara Liason started working at FOXnews full time"

" I Listened to NPR before it fell in love with drones"

Defending the 1 % can be sooo rewarding.

Nice to see that Adam Davidson is being rewarded for blacklisting Elizabeth Warren from on air and reciting GOP Right Wing Free Market talking points with nice soft job at the NYT.
Here's his first "he said, she said" nothing burger column of recyeled cliches:
The Wild West of Finance -

As Dean Bank has repeatedly demonstrated, Planet Money can't be clueless, it pro-corporate GOP bias is clearly a feature not a bug.:

Adam Davidson's done quite will for producing one-side shallow economic illiterate pieces of pro-corporate propaganda.

Membership in the 1% Club has it privileges. But watch out Adam, Karma is a bitch.

America's Freedom Loving Allies, Saudi edition.

Saudi Arabia beheads woman for 'sorcery' - Middle East - Al Jazeera English:

Since President W's Propaganda, er Institue goal is to promote Women's Rights in the Middle East, will he return the Saudi's gift sword they presented to him on his last trip?

Monday, December 12, 2011

W so desperate for approval, attends trial lawyers Xmas party, . . .

So maybe trial lawyers aren't so bad or did W get paid a "Speaking Fee" to show up?

"1,000 people turned up for a raucous holiday shindig there marking the 20th anniversary of McKool Smith, an IP/commercial litigation law firm."

Bash With Bushes Marks a Very Good Year for McKool Smith | FrontBurner

The "Let them eat cake" theme of the party fits right in with his world view.

Our continuing series "Why NPR Sucks"

"Well you have been accused of liberal bias and we are not going to give you any more policy assignments," he summarily announced."

Friday, December 2, 2011

More #NPRfail

"It’s not surprising when one of the more reactionary media pundits criticizes electric cars or pans efforts to raise the fuel efficiency of America’s cars and trucks. But when National Public Radio gets the story wrong on the 54.5-mpg target set for 2025, it’s time to set the record straight."

NPR Story Misses the Mark on Electric Cars | Roland Hwang's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC

This and other fine APR programs brought to you by Alliazn, a corporation with a proud history of insuring Nazi concentration camps, . . .

The network that wouldn't run paid adds for the award winning movie, The Big Uneasy | A Film by Harry Shearer, because the movie was too "political." Dosen't have a problem taking money from a company that was involved in the Holocaust and may still owe millions reparations to the families of thousands of murdered victims..

Miami lawmaker wants Allianz ads pulled from NPR stations, CNBC - Miami-Dade -

"Allianz, with annual operating profits of $8 billion, has struggled with its image in the United States because of its history of aiding the Nazis during World War II. The company’s reputation took a major hit in 2008, when the public learned of its secret negotiations with the New York Giants and New York Jets for the naming rights to the Meadowlands Stadium.

The deal, which would have generated $25 million a year for the two teams, fell apart amid public outcry when The New York Times and other media reported that Allianz insured concentration camp facilities and sent cash due to Jewish beneficiaries to the Nazis."
Nice to know that APR not NPR will take money from any multinational corporation, no matter how dirty it's past is.

UPDATE: via @TheHarryShearer pointed out the Allianz is actually a sponsor of APR not NPR programs. I am sorry, mistakes were made, let's no dwell on the past, the appropriated staff has been persecuted. I was only her friend and loaned her money without telling my wife.