Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gov with same Approval Rating as Obama Endorses Romney, NPR Swoons

This afternoon on NOT All Things Considered, FOXy Mara Liasoon practically goes ecstatic over Chris Chistie's endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Waaaaaait, a minute. Christie's disapproval rating at 49% is almost identical to Obama's, who according to numerous NPR broadcast is "unpopular". How can someone who's approval ratings according to NPR proves their "unpopular" endorsement be good for a candidate? Oh, wait he's a Republican.

Say what you will about Mara, she sure earns her FOX News paycheck.

Cheney Hides from American Public to Cowardly Attack President

Cheney was here in Dallas recently, to vist with the people who he gave millions in tax cuts so that they could tip him, i.e. buy his book. I think he pissed he wasn't invited to the most recent Bush LibaryMemeoryHole event.

Yet there were no public events, he just hid in the mansion of one of our local millionaires, slinging mud like the cowardly evil clown he is:

Cheney: Protests “Crazy,” Obama “A Train Wreck” | FrontBurner:

“I can’t get over the fact that he doesn’t have that sense of exceptionalism about America,” Cheney, addressing guests in the mansion’s big backyard, said of Obama."

It's always nice that the Hero of the Iraq War, "Six Draft Deferments Big Dick Cheney" is still around to continue to soil his legacy of criminality, violence, and war crimes.

Cheney wrong about Iraq, WMDs, terrorist connections, tax cuts that won't increase the Deficit, taking advice from Enron, not getting Bin Laden.

It you would like to stroll down memory lane of Cheney's record of complete failure both professionally and ethically, here's a nice summary: