Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here's something where A Bush is No. 1

The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation is No 1 in top paid CEOs at Low-Rated Charities. Why am I not surprised?

Charity Navigator - 10 Highly Paid CEOs at Low-Rated Charities

"The leaders of these 10 organizations are taking high salaries at the expense of spending dollars on the charity's programs. Despite receiving more than $200,000 in annual pay, these CEOs run organizations that devote less than 60% of their budgets to their programs and services. That means that at least 40% of your dollars are going to such costs as fundraising and administration, including the salary of the CEO."

Then entire Bush family is just one big  Fail Factory.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Agent Orange goes into the NPR Memoryhole

This was shockingly bad "he said she said" journalism by NPR, even given its normal pro-corporate pro-Defense Department bias, NOT ONE mention that Agent Orange causes birth defects?

Monsanto Accused In Suit Tied To Agent Orange

Pathetic memory hole work.

Here's a very complete (and scary) list of the illnesses associated with Agent Orange recognized by the Veterans Administration, NONE MENTIONED BY NPR:

Hard to believe an NPR reporter could be that incompetent, it must be an intentional cover up.

I'm sure the fact the Monsanto, manufacture of Agent Orange, being a corporate sponsor of NPR had nothing to do with this whitewashing.