Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NPR Hot for Iraq 2.0 to Get Started

Looks like I'm not the only one getting tired of NPR's warmonger against Iran (aka Iraq 2.0):

"Evaluating reporting and commentary about Iran could be reduced to one simple rule: There is no evidence that Iran is working on a nuclear weapon. Statements that suggest otherwise are misleading. Reports that fail to point this out are doing readers/viewers/listeners a disservice.

That sounds simple enough. But don't tell that to the outlets that are being criticized over their Iran reporting.

Take NPR and PBS, both of which were singled out by the group Just Foreign Policy."

Scott Simon "The Bloody Quaker" and Steve Inskeep "Iraq Pomp-pomp Girl of the Year 2002" have been repeatly demonizing Iran for behave no different than the American trained, armed Saudis.

Friday, January 20, 2012

NPR Chief Faces a Problem With Diversity

Every major news program is hosted by a white maile with his side-kid the docile Black woman. No angry black people need apply.

"I only met Weiss once, about a decade ago, but I never forgot our conversation. We were chatting over hors d'oeuvres at a convention of the National Association of Black Journalists, the organization I helped create. "So what do you think of All Things Considered?" she asked, referring to the flagship NPR show she produced for many years. "I love the show," I admitted. "But why does it have to be so white?"

"But we have Juan Williams," she replied defensively. I almost choked on my stuffed mushroom. But since she was paying for the canap├ęs, I politely let the discussion move on to other topics. How ironic that, a decade later, the symbol of her liberal credentials would cause her departure from the network."

Gary Knell: New NPR Chief Faces a Problem With Diversity

NPR Black Male Reporters just dropped by 50% (from 2 to 1)

"Alex P. Kellogg, one of NPR's two black male on-air journalists, has left the network after 14 months on the job, Kellogg told Journal-isms on Monday.

Kellogg's departure reaffirms that the network's decades-old issues regarding diversity have yet to be solved. They are often attributed to a corporate culture that outlasts management changes."

NPR Loses Another Black Male Voice

Santorum, Race and the Limits of Journalistic Fairness : NPR Ombudsman : NPR

The NPR Ombudsman upset that a NPR reporter actually reported on GOP race baiting.

They never would have had this problem if he had just stuck with "he said, she said" journalism.

The Ombot seems to have forgotten that Lil' Ricky initially admitted he did say the word "black people" and only changed his story later. Guess NPR is suppose to only report what the GOP candidates want them to said they said, NOT what they actually said, just like when it covers the Pentagon.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

NPR flunks Econ 101, . . . again.

Dean Baker catches NPR reciting GOP talking point and misinformation on: Impact of the Minimum Wage on Employment and Low-Income Families | Beat the Press

"It asserted that many of the workers helped by the increase will be teenagers in middle income families who work for spending money. In fact, an analysis by Heather Boushey and John Schmitt of the last national law raising the minimum wage found that 70 percent of the people who would benefit were over the age of 20."