Friday, December 2, 2011

This and other fine APR programs brought to you by Alliazn, a corporation with a proud history of insuring Nazi concentration camps, . . .

The network that wouldn't run paid adds for the award winning movie, The Big Uneasy | A Film by Harry Shearer, because the movie was too "political." Dosen't have a problem taking money from a company that was involved in the Holocaust and may still owe millions reparations to the families of thousands of murdered victims..

Miami lawmaker wants Allianz ads pulled from NPR stations, CNBC - Miami-Dade -

"Allianz, with annual operating profits of $8 billion, has struggled with its image in the United States because of its history of aiding the Nazis during World War II. The company’s reputation took a major hit in 2008, when the public learned of its secret negotiations with the New York Giants and New York Jets for the naming rights to the Meadowlands Stadium.

The deal, which would have generated $25 million a year for the two teams, fell apart amid public outcry when The New York Times and other media reported that Allianz insured concentration camp facilities and sent cash due to Jewish beneficiaries to the Nazis."
Nice to know that APR not NPR will take money from any multinational corporation, no matter how dirty it's past is.

UPDATE: via @TheHarryShearer pointed out the Allianz is actually a sponsor of APR not NPR programs. I am sorry, mistakes were made, let's no dwell on the past, the appropriated staff has been persecuted. I was only her friend and loaned her money without telling my wife.

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