Thursday, March 12, 2009

NPR/Morning Edition - Pentagon PR Department?

Today on Morning Edition, a report really "chapped my hide" as they say here in Tejas, Mary Louise Kelly's report on Afghanistan was nothing but a series of Pentagon talking points, she didn't interview anyone outside the Pentagon, made no reference to the military's or Bush's last six years of failure, just an open mike for the Pentagon.

Here's my comment, which may get deleted by the moderator, we shall see, they've gotten testier about criticism of their reporting:

Wow, this story was one long series of interviews with military experts: Yes when it comes to understanding foreign cultures, political dynamics in other countries, geopolitical issue, and economic develop the experts you want to talk are the military? NPR seems to be still following the Bush/Cheney policy of isolating and treating as irrelevant the State Department (You know: the people with actual foreign policy expertise? (Last I checked the Pentagon’s job was to blow things up, not foreign policy.-G.D.)
Mary Louise Kelly seems to be nothing but an uncritical Pentagon stenographer, how do we know if any of these sources aren't part of the Pentagon's prior propaganda campaign that NPR has used in the past?

Why didn’t Ms. Kelly interview one of NPR’s reporters in Afghanistan? Or someone from the State Department? Or a foreign policy expert? Just askin’? How about calling former NPR reporter Sarah Chayes, who’s lived in Afghanistan for the past six years? Oh, sorry forgot appears she’s been blacklisted must be she wouldn’t stay on the FOX/Bush script.

Another uncritical open mike for the Pentagon; NPR learned anything the last six year?

If anyone would like a clearer and more actuate perspective on Afghanistan, without NPR's pro-Bush filer, here's an interview with Sarah Chayes on on PBS' "Bill Moyer's Journal". Ms. Chayes worked for NPR during the pre-Tomlinson days, when NPR had real journalist, not the FOX want-a-be it now has.

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  1. OK Grumpy, I'm on board. I like the way you are ripping NPR. This story is a perfect example....aside from the 'foreign policy expertise' of the Pentagon, I don't think the Pentagon is a credible source of anything useful except for repeating the line..."We are showing great improvement in..(fill in the blank)..."

    You are better informed than I am, I read all your comments and admire you work. NPR has slowly gone down a rat hole since I started listening to it,...took a while for me to get on to it...Show them no quarter. I can now see NPR morphing into a propaganda machine through innuendo and lousy reporting, and stupid stories that just keep repeating themselves and never seem to go away. It is like NPR doesn't want us to find out about 'the good stuff' in point: Dennis Blair's background, 1999, Indonesia....too much stuff like this to list here.

    Keep up the good work my man,....we need guys like you.....nobody else is telling it.


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