Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Description of FOX News ever, . . .

In Murdoch scandal reveals exactly what Fox News isn’t | Leonard Pitts - The News Tribune Leonard Pitts Jr. a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Miami Herald, hits it out of the park:

"Fox’s failure to report – and allow viewers to decide – speaks volumes and offers definitive answer to the question of what Fox is.

It is the nation’s leading manufacturer of false outrage and fake fury – War on Christmas! War on Christmas! – the top supplier of bogeymen for those who need to feel terrorized in order to feel alive.

It is America’s No. 1 distributor of misinformation – Hide Nana! The death panels are coming! – a warehouse of conspiracy theories, junk history and dubious “facts” given credit by virtually no one who does not watch Fox.

It is a noisemaker, a box of cacophony from which reason will seldom emerge unscathed. And it is a bovine excreta machine.

But a news organization? No. That is a designation you have to earn."

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