Friday, August 19, 2011

Gov. Good Hair's Bad Day In New Hampshire

He met educated voters, . . .

For Rick Perry, visit to New Hampshire town turns into an ambush - Poten & Partners:
Alan Cronheim, a Portsmouth lawyer, engaged Perry in a cordial, low-octane chat about health care, asking him to explain how 30 million uninsured Americans would fare if he succeeds in repealing the Obama overhaul.

"I just happen to think it can be delivered better by the states than by the federal government," Perry told him.

That hasn't worked out so well in Texas, Cronheim said, noting that after a decade under Perry, a quarter of residents still lack coverage.

"He did nothing to deal with the plight of those who can't afford health care," Cronheim said.
Interesting, the press considers educated voters asking intelligent questions an "ambush".

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