Monday, August 1, 2011

Reviews are in. Not good for "the Juan".

Juan Williams' victory lap: On the Media - James Rainey, LA Times media critic, points out that Williams career at nPR was in a death spiral well before he was fired:
"Williams had already become an ineffective and diminished figure at NPR well before the firing — a fact that got lost in all the hoo-hah last year. He would blame that on executives who thwarted him mostly, in his opinion, because of their displeasure that he had gone to work as a commentator for the conservative standard-bearer, Fox. He argues in 'Muzzled' that NPR's news bosses demanded liberal orthodoxy and wouldn't tolerate dissent.

But many of his co-workers at the radio network had been displeased with Williams for some time. There were editors and reporters who didn't like to work with him, because they felt he often wasn't adequately prepared for the subjects of the day. Williams wanted to be more pundit than reporter, they believed, desiring to bring something like the wide-open rat-a-tat-tat of the cable bazaar to the staid academy that is public radio."

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