Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NPR: Pedophilia is Just Like Gay Adoption

Public Radio Host Uses Penn State Case to Debate Gays' Fitness as Parents

" To The Point, host Warren Olney chose to tackle the Penn State child rape scandal by devoting an entire show to the subject of whether or not gay and lesbian couples would make fit foster and adoptive parents."
"Olney has issued a non-apology apology to anyone who mistakenly thought that a show about child abuse/same-sex adoption was actually a show about child abuse and same-sex adoption. I guess there's a very fine distinguishing line there that I'm failing to see."

For a little "background and context", NPR has run stories about how a uncredentialed Right Winger in Utah can "cure" Gays and how how good Christian Right Wingers in California were being terrorized by "teh Gay" for their support of Proposition 8.

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