Thursday, April 30, 2009

FOXNews Woman Haters He-Man Club

OH NOZ: Bad news for full time FOX News employee and "special" NPR Political Analyst Juan Williams and his fellow co-worker Mara Liasom.

Bill O'Reilly, Juan's best buddy, who lets him guest host occasionally, reveals what he and FOX really think about PBS. Suprise! It's contempt for Juan and his co-workers at NPR, seems they think NPR's reporters aren't manly men like puffy face bully-boy Bill and his fellow FOX he-men (Rove, Cavoto, Morris, et al):

On the O'Reilly Factor Goldberg, with Bill agreeing, complains about "NPR men" in journalism who "want to know about your feelings" and are "softer" than the "men of a John Wayne era"

Watch it, if you have the stomach:

tip-o-the hat to, great site for documenting the Right's Noise Machine.

Juan and Mara haven't realized that they're sell-outs for working at FOX as liberal punching bags and like all sell-outs the people who bought them (FOX) have have nothing but contempt for them.

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