Friday, August 7, 2009

Scatter shooting while trying to think of something to post, . . .

(because Grumby's to lazy to think of anything original to post).

This one's by Nate Bowman (NickErbacher) in response to the NPR (Not an) Ombudsman's defense of Mara Liasson's late's FOX New faux pau FOX New faux pau calling "the Cash for Clunkers is like a mini-Katrina here" reinforcing the FOX fake meme that its a failed government program (WTF? I know!) the discussion turns into NPR's relationship with FOX, and of course Juan Williams. Here's Nate:

on the Juan Williams post, cont'd
wherein you also say:
"NPR rarely identifies him as Fox News contributor."

Don't you think we have the right to know that EVERY TIME he appears?

Mr. Williams called the issue a "faux controversy" when he was just practicing "pure political analysis" based on two citations he never mentioned. What a mea culpa!

Again, from the NPR Code:
"We should feel free to guide ourselves by offering suggestions to our peers to help them comply with their obligations under this Code, and NPR journalists should welcome any such suggestions and discuss the issues with professionalism and respect."

Mr. Williams must cease tarnishing NPR's image by saying things elsewhere that he would not say on NPR; and then dismissing the objection. If you insist that Mr. Williams is not subject to the Code (with which I disagree) then either get him to agree to abide by the Code or terminate his contract. Either way, he must stop the denigration of NPR's image. Not to mention journalistic standards. Fri Aug 7 00:33:39 2009

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