Friday, August 28, 2009


As permanent fixture at, rather like a hobo living under the bridge who stands by the side of the highway and rants at the cars, I have noted a trend in the NPR.ORG comments section, or it could just be the voices in my head.

I thought it was curious that most the Wingers who posted comments either defending a conservative after an interview or complaining about "liberal NPR" and how biased it was, pictures were always blank and all seem to have a similar almost robotic style. These all tended be single posts by people with no information, I call these "One Post Winger Trolls" (tm) Grumpy Industries Intl.

In the comments section for yesterdays Steve Inskeep's and Michael (Not Man of) Steele interview are a good example, Several of the commentors were complaining about Inskeep and "liberal" NPR are from "OPWT: One Post Winger Trolls" (tm) Grumpy Industries Intl.

Looks like the interns that the RNC had a busy day. Wish I was the sysop and could see if these all came from the same domain.

Just clink of the names/links at NPR.ORG below to see what I mean, just one comment no information, I smell sock-pupperty:

Jeana Hines (jvhcom)

N B (Npod)

Thomas Moriarty (Thomas_Moriarty)

Rebecca Cahoon (labmom)

Sebastian Dunne (sdunnepilot)

Warning once you start checking the links it hard to stop, AstroTruf at it's finest.

Yeah, its a petty and small observation: Wasn't the internet invented for people to be petty and small?

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