Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday on NPR’s Morning Edition, Mara Liasson gives Palin a nice wet kiss, today turns the FOX dial at NPR up to 11. In her report she recites GOP distortion and smears without any attempt at balance. Nice so see Mara is now a "deather" promoting the false smear the health care reform will kill you. Could it be because black is more slimming?

I didn't even have to have my second cup of coffee to go from zero to full rant in 20 seconds.

Too busy? Lazy? Don’t care? Or don’t have to provide someone who’s isn’ opposed to health care reform? Nope, my guess just the usual procedures that Mara has learned during her ten years of picking up a FOX News paycheck.

Here's reporting that follows the FOX News’ template:

  1. Introduce the piece by framing it with GOP/Right Wing dishonest talking points.
  2. Sting together a series of GOP pols quotes reciting their misrepresentations.
  3. NO NOT interview or quote anyone from the other side or cite facts that disprove the distortion (oh, like 44 million uninsured HAVE NO ACCESS to healthcare therefore can't get mammograms).
  4. Interview an Obama offical restate the GOP talking points, because their true.
  5. Provide no opinion to counter the GOP talking points.
  6. Conclude the story reciting the talking point again.

That’s the way they do it a FOX! Right Mara?

Again, 44 million Americans already suffer from health care rationing; it's called no cash no care. Maybe if NPR hadn't black listed the recent Harvard Study, Mara might know that 44,000 Americans die each year from lack of health care (you know Mara, RATIONING?)

Another day, another typical NPR pro-GOP commercial by a FOX News employee celebrating her eleventh year of service to Rupert:

Mara Liasson, doing FOX proud.

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