Thursday, September 15, 2011

Be still my restless heart, . . .

"As for Liasson, in 2009, NPR bosses reportedly approached her and urged that she reconsider her regular Fox News appearances, given how openly partisan the cable channel had become. She declined, insisting she appeared on Fox news programs (Special Report and Fox News Sunday), and not on commentary ones, and that she had not noticed any change in Fox News’ programming since Obama had been inaugurated.

But Liasson regularly appears on Fox as part round table discussions whose entire point is punditry. And most often she appears opposite conservative pundits, such as Stephen Hayes and Bill Kristol. Meaning, on Fox News Liasson is seen as giving the ‘liberal’ perspective on the political events of the day, even though she’s paid to be a straight news reporter on NPR. Liasson’s role on the Fox shows also works to reinforce the conservative mantra that NPR is a left-leaning news organization."
I hope and pray that she makes more money from her FOX gig and Rupert offers her a job (FOX would be a perfect fit for her), then she'll no longer infect the NPR airways with her FOX talking points.

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