Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why Conservatives Hate Democracy

"Texas Governor Rick Perry – now considered the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination is taking some heat for “controversial” positions outlined in his recent book, “Fed! Up! Our Fight to Save America From Washington.” One of those positions is that the people should not have the right to elect United States senators.

If Gov. Perry’s views on this issue are “extreme,” and “out of the mainstream,” as some writers and bloggers are charging, then the Framers of the Constitution must have been extremists as well. It was they who originally decided that senators should be chosen by the state legislatures."
Here's copy of The Dallas Morning News' guest column today (original behind pay-wall). I can only think the editors at the DMN are trying to make Mark Davis look less fringe by running absurd anti-democratic pro-corporate claptrap like this.

Mr. Wooley seems to have forgotten that the "Framers of the Constitution" believed that Black American citizens where 3/5th human, women had no rights, beating children was OK, and you could cure diseases with leeches.

Shorter Wooley: Ever sense they let Women, Blacks, and the not wealthy vote America's gone down the tubes.

At least it nice to hear a Winger admit they hate democracy, and want to return the country to the 18th Century, when nominally Christian wealthy white males controlled the government.

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